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Chiefs Checkin' Out the Jayhawks Again

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A few weeks ago, scouts from the Kansas City Chiefs were up in the press box for KU's game against Duke.  Today we learn (via Chris Steuber of Scout) that they'll take another look at the Jayhawks on Saturday against the Oklahoma Sooners.

The Chiefs attend quite a few games every Saturday but that information doesn't always make its way out.

I'll admit I'm not a big Jayhawks follower but here are a few of the bigger name prospects: 

  • S Darrell Stuckey - 5'11", 205 pounds
  • WR Dezmon Briscoe - 6'3", 200 pounds
  • WR Kerry Meier - 6'3", 220 pounds

Here is a post with a little more information on these guys along with a draft projection (if that's possible seven months out).

The Chiefs don't have a State Line bias, either.  GM Scott Pioli attended MU's game against Nebraska.  That link also includes Pioli talking about the draft (and yes he mentions Suh).

For the KU fans, which current Jayhawk could help the Chiefs the most next season?