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Chiefs' Albert Still Out, McGraw Still on First Team

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As Ryan over at KC Chiefs Blog pointed out, there's a chance of rain on Sunday so Chiefs head coach Todd Haley kept the team outdoors today during a drizzle.

These updates are coming from Josh Looney and Bob Gretz.

Left tackle Branden Albert did not fully participate in practice today.  Like we said yesterday, he is off his walking boot.  During practice he walked and jogged and didn't participate in any team drills.  

Haley said he was "night and day" from where he was when the injury occurred.  

Wade Smith is taking first team reps in Albert's absence.

Safety Jon McGraw continues to play on the first team defense ahead of Jarrad Page.  McGraw has been solid in his time on the field.  Page was injured last week, which caused him to miss the Redskins game.  He was not on the injury report so we assume he's completely healthy. 

Guard Mike Goff returned to practice after missing yesterday due to some personal reasons.

Guard Brian Waters appeared on the injury report yesterday and practiced today with a heavily taped left ankle.  He went down for a bit in the Redskins game but came back.