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Chiefs S Mike Brown Talks About Big Plays and the Chargers

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When Mike Brown was in the NFC, he and the Chicago Bears defense faced LaDainian Tomlinson and the San Diego Chargers on two occasions.  Combined Brown's team held LT to 33 carries for 86 yards and two touchdowns.  Not a bad average.

This time, however, Brown is with the Kansas City Chiefs and they don't have a defense capable of carrying Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl.

Brown spoke with reporters and one word kept coming up: Talent.  The Chargers are consistently tabbed one of the most talented teams in the NFL. (Great, they're kings of the regular season).

"We got a new challenge ahead of us," Brown said. "A good San Diego team is coming in.  We have to be able to prepare well because that's the only way we can win, is preparing well."

As Todd Haley has said before, the Chiefs almost have to be perfect to win games this season. 

"They've got great players," Brown continued.  "That's always a concern when you have real good players in all different spots so you can't really key in on one thing.  That's what makes them so difficult to defend because they have a lot of good players that make a lot of plays for them."

The Chiefs have played a non-perfect game and still kept themselves in a position to win.  The best example is the Cowboys game.  The Chiefs seemingly had a chance to wrap the game up on multiple occasions....if it weren't for 59 and 60 yard receptions from Miles Austin.

"We just have to play our defense," he said, "and make sure we don't give up any big scoring plays.  That's seemed to be our achilles heel is the big scoring plays.  We gave up two big plays against the Skins but we kept them out of the end zone.  It's important that we tackle them before they cross the goal line but we don't want to give up big plays."

Brown also said that, unlike Kansas City, San Diego can beat you in multiple ways.  Maybe it's a punt return from Darren Sproles.  Or a catch and run from LaDainian Tomlinson.  Or a 100+ yard game from Antonio Gates.

You have to be balanced against them because they can hurt you in multiple ways," he said.  "Philip Rivers is a great quarterback, has a great tight end in Gates, and they have 83 out there who makes a lot of plays on deep plays.  They're a very talented team across the board."

You can tell Brown's a Haley guy because next he said as long as the Chiefs play "fundamentally sound" they can win this game.