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New Chiefs NT Kenny Smith Could be Playing Soon

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The Kansas City Chiefs signed two defensive linemen today.  NT Kenny Smith expects to fill the void of Tank Tyler's departure.  Former LSU defensive tackle Marlon Favorite was signed to the practice squad.

Ron Edwards is the current nose tackle, and that's one of the more demanding positions so the Chiefs had rotated Tyler in for a 10+ plays at least.  Will Kenny Smith contribute quickly?

"We don’t have a lot of noses (tackles) on the roster," Haley said, "so he’s going to be expected to get into it pretty fast. We’ve been taking six linemen to the game and that’s the number we’re at right now.""

Haley said he knows of Smith a little bit from playing against him in the past.  The Chiefs worked him out about two weeks ago (around the same time it was reported that three other defensive linemen worked out). 

"He’s stout, a strong guy," Haley said. "You shake his hand and he’s got bear mitts. He caught my pinkie quick. I had to yank it out of there. He’ll crush you. He’s a strong guy and I’m looking forward to watching the tape and see what everybody thought about him after one day. It is just one day."

Haley was also asked about that one minor detail - that Smith hasn't played in an NFL game since 2003.

"He had an injury and has rehabbed and it’s been a long way back. But he’s been working hard and he’s in shape. Again, we feel like he has a chance to contribute."

I wish Smith the best with the Chiefs but I would say the odds are stacked against him succeeding.  Six years is a long time.