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Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson Speaks

The name most often thrown around in the days leading up to the NFL trade deadline was Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson.  Head coach Todd Haley didn't appear to be too high on DJ prior to last Sunday's victory against the Washington Redskins

His playing time had diminished despite being what I think a lot of people would say is the most talented linebacker on the team.  Of course, as we've learned over the past months, he may be talented but not part of the "right 53" yet.  However, he's getting there as DJ actually started last week's game against the Redskins.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star chronicled some of DJ's conversation with reporters on his Twitter page.

DJ acknowledged that he should and wants to be out there playing.  He says he has talked to Haley about his playing time, which he hadn't done as of just a few weeks ago.

"Coach knows I want to play," he said.  "He knows I disagree with not playing. He knows that."

Babb also relays to us that DJ ignored much of the trade talk leading up to the deadline.  He did not watch ESPN yesterday but acknowledged that there was a "possibility" that something could happen.

There were quite a few rumors with DJ's name attached to them the past few days (trading deadline ended yesterday at 3:00 PM CST).  GM Scott Pioli said in a radio interview on October 13th that "he hadn't had any conversations like that" when asked about trading him.

The day prior to that interview, Haley had a spirited exchange with a reporter when asked why DJ wasn't playing.  Haley chose to ask why they weren't asking Demorrio Williams, who is listed on the first team depth chart.  This dates back to the first week of the season when Haley said DJ had to "get it going" a little bit.

DJ had a few minor injuries the in the first month of the season but has not appeared on the injury report for several weeks.

Check out Mr. Babb's Twitter page for the exchange.