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LB Justin Rogers Not on Chiefs Roster

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I noticed something amidst today's news that the Chiefs signed Kenny Smith to the active roster: That open spot had already been filled according to a report yesterday from Aaron Wilson of National Football Post.  

Wilson reported yesterday evening that the Chiefs had signed Rogers back to the 53 man roster, which would have been the spot previously held by Tank Tyler, who was traded to the Carolina Panthers.  He did not cite any sources in his report.  Here is our story on the signing.  Here is Wilson's story.

(Update 11:05 AM: stagdsp pointed out that yesterday's report of a Rogers signing appears on

I have confirmed with the team that Rogers is not currently on the 53 man roster.  I can not confirm that Rogers never signed.

So what gives?

Update: indeed confirms that Rogers was on the roster briefly.  Wilson at NFP was correct.

Well, it's possible that Wilson was correct and the Chiefs did sign Rogers last night only to release him and sign Smith instead.  However, considering Smith was on the street, I don't see how that's likely (that's just my hunch).  Or it's possible that Wilson got bad information and the Chiefs never signed him.  We're not sure which one it is.

Rogers was signed last Wednesday then released on Saturday when it became apparent Barry Richardson would be added to the active roster in Branden Albert's absence.

Whatever it is, Justin Rogers is not currently a member of the Chiefs.