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Former Chiefs Bennett, Boone and Wilson Headed Back to Arrowhead This Weekend

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Here is your weekly "connection" post courtesy of the mothership.

I remember seeing Darren Sproles play back in high school in Kansas City, when he was averaging something ridiculous like 260 yards a game rushing.

  • Chiefs G Mike Goff spent five seasons with the Chargers (2004-08).
  • Chargers RB Michael Bennett (2006-07), DE Alfonso Boone (2007-08) and TE Kris Wilson (2004-07) all played with Kansas City.
  • Former Chiefs assistant coaches on the Chargers staff include: Jeff Hurd (’98-06) and Hall of Fame WR Charlie Joiner (2001-07).
  • Former Chiefs CB Chris Dishman (’99) is SD’s asst. secondary coach.
  • Chargers Director of Player personnel Jimmy Raye III worked for KC in ’95 and is the son of former Chiefs assistant coach Jimmy Raye.
  • Chargers TE/FB Brandon Manumaleuna is the son of Frank Manumaleuna, who played LB for Kansas City (’79-81).
  • Chiefs Manager of FB Operations Chris Caminiti coached at the University of San Diego (’96).
  • Chargers RB Darren Sproles prepped at Olathe North HS in Olathe, KS and played at Kansas State.
  • Chargers sp. teams coach Steve Crosby was born in Great Bend, KS and was a RB at Fort Hays State.
  • Chargers T Jeromey Carey played at Kansas State.
  • Kansas City video asst. Josh Schmidt worked at the University of San Diego.

Make sure you ask John from Bolts from the Blue a question or two. He was kind enough to come by and post a FanPost asking for questions. His line on Mike Goff sums up the signing of the guard for me: "Also, I tried to tell you guys Mike Goff was terrible......"