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Conflicting Reports on Galloway Working Out with the Chiefs

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Conflicting reports have emerged regarding a report earlier in the day that receiver Joey Galloway was headed to Kansas City to workout with the Chiefs.

Christopher Price of WEEI first reported (as far as we can tell) that per a source Galloway was en route to Kansas City.  610 Sports later cited multiple sources with the same report.

Now, Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa (via Pro Football Talk) reports that Galloway and the Chiefs have had no contact.


The Galloway-to-Kansas City story really gained some momentum with multiple media outlets "confirming" that indeed a workout would take place.

Since Galloway is a free agent, he can sign with any team.  As Mike Florio at PFT points out, the Ravens were interested in trading for him at one point.  So why wouldn't they be interested in him as a free agent?  And surely Baltimore has to pique Galloway's interest more than the Chiefs.

Stay tuned on this one...

(Thanks to GenericBrand and JayKC for the heads up)