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Former Chief Tank Tyler on Trade to Panthers: 'Definitely a Fresh Start'

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Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Tank Tyler talked with NBC Action News following the news that he had been traded to the Carolina Panthers for a fifth round draft pick.

"It's definitely a fresh start," he said.  "My whole goal and objective is to play football."

Tyler hasn't been given many opportunities since Ron Edwards took the starting nose tackle job in week three, a position he hasn't let up on since.  He only saw a handful of snaps last week against the Washington Redskins.  With limited opportunities in Kansas City, and playing time apparently dwindling, I think this is the best move for Tank personally.

"I feel like I get a better opportunity in Charlotte to put my hand in the dirt so that's what it is," he said.

Earlier in the year, I thought that Tank would thrive in the nose tackle position with the Chiefs 3-4 defense.  He was the strongest lineman coming out of the 2007 NFL Draft and even had experience at the position in college. 

Tank went to high school in Fayetteville and attended N.C. State so this is a homecoming of sorts for him.

As always, best of luck to Mr. Tyler and his future with the Panthers.