BFTB Answers Your Chargers Questions

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Hey guys. I know we have a history, but I thought I'd pop my head in over here to see if I could possibly help to answer any questions you have about the Chargers. The only thing I ask is that we keep this a professional environment to transfer knowledge and avoid the trash-talking. It can happen elsewhere, let's just try to keep those comments away from this post.

One quick question I have, that can work as a conversation starter, is what's up with Matt Cassel? If you remember, in the preseason I looked at his stats and thought that he got sacked too often behind a good offensive line. I was pretty sure that he held onto the ball too long. He got sacked at least twice as much as Brady is getting sacked behind the same line this season. So is he 2nd in the league in getting sacked because he holds onto the ball too long, because the offensive line is atrocious or both? Also, are there any receiving threats on the team not named Dwayne Bowe?

Also, I tried to tell you guys Mike Goff was terrible......

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