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Welcome to the NFL Trade Deadline (Chiefs Edition)

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It's not as big as the draft but the NFL trade deadline (3:00 PM CST today) is the last chance for any real blockbuster deals to go down.  Some teams that are on the cusp of contending might risk some of their future to acquire a player that can put them over the top.  Other teams will trade a 7th round pick for some lesser known player.

The Kansas City Chiefs, as you know, have already traded defensive tackle Tank Tyler to the Carolina Panthers for a 5th round pick.  This trade was the 5th the Chiefs have been apart of in the Scott Pioli era (and the first that didn't have a Pioli connection).  

The Chiefs will have to make at least two more transactions as stagdsp pointed out in the FanShots yesterday.  Barry Richardson was promoted from practice squad to the active roster prior to yesterday's game, and Justin Rogers (acquired earlier in the week) was released.  With the Tyler trade, that means there's an empty spot on the practice squad and an empty spot on the active roster.

This is exciting.  The Chiefs have the room to trade a pick for a player and they're always looking for extra draft picks.  It's been rumored that anyone on the Chiefs, except for Matt Cassel, is available.  I believe that, to a degree, but those words gave the impression that it was going to be a fire-sale.

A team executive told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, "[Chiefs GM Scott Pioli] has a price he wants on those guys that he’ll take, but it’s not a fire-sale price," a team executive said. "I think they’d dump Larry Johnson at this point, but the rest of those guys, I think they’d actually be willing to keep. Even Dorsey. He got himself in shape and I think they’d like to give him another chance."

Finally someone says that the information on the new regime not being high on Dorsey might be out-dated.  Josh Looney of suggested that when Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network caused a stir last week reporting that Dorsey and LB Derrick Johnson were on the trade block.  It appears some of the concerns about LaCanfora's report were validated when Todd Haley came out and gave some praise to Dorsey a couple days later.

Moving's the deadline.  We're prepared for it.  Any rumors will be addressed but clearly labeled as a rumor.  I expect lots of rumors to be floating around, especially with the Chiefs, given their recent history of being active traders so this should be an active day.