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Giants Injury Report is Full But Most Won't Miss Sunday

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A nice, relaxing Friday night. I can't wait.

It's my one week wedding anniversary (Sweet Jesus, did I just type that?) and I still feel like it was yesterday. This weekend should be a lot of fun around here, because I'm blogging which means less analysis and news like Joel and more jokes, Caption This posts and one liners. Kidding...sort of.

Joel talked about Dwayne Bowe's injury earlier today and I'm here to give you the Giants injury report. Via Ernie Palladino's Giants blog:

DT Chris Canty (calf), WR Domenik Hixon (knee), CB Aaron Ross (hamstring) and RB Danny Ware (elbow).

LB Clint Sintim (groin).

WR Hakeem Nicks (foot), CB Kevin Dockery (hamstring), RB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot and ankle), T Kareem McKenzie (knee), T Adam Koets (ankle) and DE Justin Tuck (shoulder)

Anyone on that Out list make you feel relieved? Are you glad Domenik Hixon won't be making Maurice Leggett look worse than he is?