A Chiefs Dear John

Dear John,

Over the past few years we have become very close.  We have been through some good times, like when we used to kick a** on offense and stick the ball down every teams frickin throat, and some bad times, like when you sh** your pants in the Oakland game two weeks ago.  But I don’t know if I can handle our rocky relationship any longer. 

You used to whisper in my ear and tell me it would be ok and all we needed was a change of scenery, new faces.  I got all excited when you told me about Matt (Cassel) and Mike (Goff).  I thought that was just what we needed in our relationship.  You brought them in and we had some fun for a while but I am finding that Goff cannot satisfy me any longer and Matt tends to be impotent from time to time.  You tell me its Matt’s "protection"…but I am just not sure.

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I find myself thinking about you all the time.  Thinking about how you get all wound up at first and look like you are going to really spank some butt the first and second minute (downs) but on the third minute you just peter out.  One Sunday we tried it 11 times and you shriveled up every time on the third minute, 0 for 11.  I want, no I need, you to have more stamina and give me some of what you are giving me in the first couple minutes (downs).

You tell me Glenn (Dorsey) is doing a good job but then others tell me he just isn’t long enough.  They say to be really good in the area I want him he needs at least 2 or 3 more inches (reference to a ChiefsFootSoldier post).  I'm just confused, I need you to show me something. 

I don’t know what to say John, I want you…I have always wanted you.  I want you to take it and ram it home, score, and go for two!  But…I am just not seeing it.  Show me something baby, this Sunday.  I am going to be watching you…give it to me baby.

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