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Chiefs Practice 10/2: Bowe Running with 'Speed and Explosion'

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I'm currently in Estes Park, CO with a terrible breezy 26 degree wind chill.  I say this because Josh Looney over at noted that Derrick Johnson needed a few extra minutes to get his injured groin up to speed with the cool weather.

It's 59 degrees in Kansas City, Josh, that's like a heat wave here!

Anyway, onto the injury we're all tracking: Dwayne Bowe.

Bob Gretz reports that Bowe was running routes and doing it with "speed and explosion" during today's practice.  The report said he was certainly running with more power than Thursday's session which is excellent news for Bowe's availability on Sunday against the New York Giants.

If Bowe is a go, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receivers are instantly better so this is important.

As noted before, no player has missed a Wednesday practice and still played on Sunday thus far in the Todd Haley regime.  However, it's looking good for Bowe to break that trend.  Haley has also indicated in the past that a player must practice on Friday to have a chance to play on Sunday.

So, Bowe has passed the necessary test to at least be available to play on Sunday.  My gut's telling me he'll play but, as I've said before, it's important the Chiefs take their time with this and don't let a one to two week injury linger throughout the season.