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Choose Your Own Chiefs Adventure, But Stick With It

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There's no wrong way to be a fan, as long as you're not disrespecting your fellow fans, crossing lines of human decency, or generally being a Raiders fan. You can be pessimistic, optimistic, hedonistic, fanatic, dramatic, or just plain crazy. However someone chooses to exhibit their support of a sports franchise is within their rights.

But you've got to stick to your approach. What am I getting at?

Don't demand change then question the changes themselves.

A growing belief this week has been hot on the blame train. Not only did Pioli and Haley fail the fanbase by not committing more money to free agents in a weak free agency year without having been through a single training camp, but now they're weakening this roster by constantly tweaking and replacing parts.

The idea is that Haley and Pioli are over their heads. The performance of the team on Sunday was unacceptable, but actually doing something about it is a mistake. The offensive line is a disaster. A Grade-A disaster. But bringing in more guys to replace the unacceptable ones breeds "instability." You know, because if your team sucks, you definitely don't want to upset that delicate balance. Why are they bringing in practice guys? They aren't any good! Which would still mean they're better than our guys currently. Not possessing the quality of good is superior to the quality of draining all good from the souls of your fanbase.

It's one thing to let the decisions that have been made alter your opinion of the job being done (and that's a popular movement, according to the approval polls). It's another to constantly demand two things. Win now and win later. Improve the team at all costs but don't rock the boat. We can believe Haley and/or Pioli suck as much as we want. But don't blame them for putting out a terrible team on the field and then question them when they try and correct it.

Right now, we're spelunking in a sewer. Any way we turn, we're headed in a direction, but we're still covered in crap.