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Vote for Chiefs Rookie K Ryan Succop

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Okay, Chiefs fans.  It's time to sway a vote in our favor.  NFL Network airs a show on Wednesdays that lets the fan pick the order of the show. 

Here's a description from the NFL website:

NFL Weekly Countdown, which airs each Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. ET on NFL Network, lets fans program the show. Each week, we'll select 15 of the best performances for you to rank in the order you want to see them in the show. Watch this week's nominees below, and cast your vote for the best performances from Week 6.

(Note: I don't have NFLN so someone will have to fill us in on how it goes)

As you know, rookie Ryan Succop was 4/4 and doubled the Redskins six points. Yes, this is his sixth NFL game.

We did a story on what he had to say after yesterday's game.

So, go ahead and vote for Succop.  You'll arrange the top 11 eleven plays of the week and of course rank Succop first.

(Thanks to JComp11 for the link in the FanShots)