Why We Need Only 1-2 Offensive Lineman This Draft

I was looking on Cbssports draft page and I noticed Why Draft more then one offensive lineman when you could get maybe you could get one or two free agent offensive lineman and you would save your draft picks.

LT Mike Gandy Free Agent Or Brandon Albert

LG Brian Waters {If he retires witch I hope} or Brandon Albert he played guard in college because of Eugene Monroe now on the Jaguars.

C J.D Walton Draft Pick 3rd round

RG Ikechuku Ndukwe or Andy Alleman

RT IF Brian Waters doesn't retire then move Brandon Albert to Right Tackle.

And below I made a mock draft of what we should do with those picks

1 Sergio Kindle LB 6-2 227 pounds

2 Vince Oghobaase NT Duke 6-6 306 pounds

2 Darrell Stuckey SS Kansas 6-1 205 pounds

3 J.D Walton C Baylor 305

4 Jeron Mastrud TE 6-6 253 pounds

5 Chris McGaha WR 6-1 193 pounds

5 Andre Anderson RB 6-0 211 pounds

6 Mike Tepper OT 321 pounds

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