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Glad to be Wrong About the Chiefs First Win

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I'll admit it...I was wrong.  And I'm glad to be wrong.

A few weeks ago I said the Kansas City Chiefs might not win a game until November.  Coming after a loss when frustrations were high probably wasn't the best timing but, after watching seemingly the same team, despite different players, step onto the field in '09 as '08, I thought I would be right.

Admit it...the same thought crossed your mind.  Maybe some of the former players were right and the atmosphere around Arrowhead is "toxic to success" and the players aren't going to take being berated and screamed at by Haley much longer.  That's the way I was beginning to think.  All the negativity was beginning to be reinforced.

It's like today -- I should be feeling terrible.  It's Monday, back to work and the Chiefs lost.   Except...the Chiefs won.  It's like Pavlov's dogs are playing a trick on me.  I've been conditioned to enter a mini-depressive state on Monday mornings and now, all of a sudden, I'm not depressed. 

It's great.  I'm like a fat kid at Cici's Pizza.

There's one other thing I gotta admit. 

A few weeks ago, I was asked to write another little piece for the Washington Post.  It was nothing big. The question was whether there was a team in the NFL, just three weeks in, that will not win a game this season.  I talked about the Browns, Rams and, of course, the Chiefs.  At that point, those were pretty easily identified as the three worst teams in football.

Ultimately, though, I said the Chiefs have found ways, sometimes in amazing fashion, to lose time and time again.  Games they should win (Oakland this year comes to mind) they end up losing. Games they should lose, they end up losing in heart break fashion (San Diego last year comes to mind). So, I picked the Chiefs to be the team with the best shot to go 0-16.

I've never been happier to be wrong in my life.

Oh, and why didn't I share it with you all?  Partly timing, since we were all already so frustrated, and partly because of the title (which I don't write, by the way): 'Fail to the Chiefs'

So glad to be wrong.