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Your Daily Chiefs Trade Deadline Rumor (Glenn Dorsey Edition)

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With the reported "fire sale" that could possibly go on in Kansas City, I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of these.  Players like Dwayne Bowe, Glenn Dorsey and Derrick Johnson are attractive to other teams, so even if the rumors are a bunch of baloney, I suspect teams will be calling the Chiefs about nearly everyone.

So, here's today's rumor: Glenn Dorsey and the Detroit Lions.  To be clear, this isn't a report that any talks have necessarily occurred, this is something that just makes sense from a Lions writer.

Tom Kowalski of the Detroit Free Press is looking at Lions GM Martin Mayhew, then looking at Chiefs defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey, and saying it just makes too much sense.

Kowalski cites Detroit's defensive line problems, defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham's familiarity with Dorsey and his position switch as reasons for the Chiefs and Lions as trade partners makes sense.

I gotta admit - he makes a compelling case. The coaching staff was reportedly down on Dorsey after he showed up to training camp grossly overweight according to head coach Todd Haley, but recently their attitude towards him has changed.  Their was a column in the Kansas City Star a few days ago (via Kent Babb) that said the staff was happy with him and the player had one of his better games yesterday against the Washington Redskins.

Writes Kowalski of the Chiefs being high on him, "You have to wonder how legit that really is. One of the most common ploys among personnel people of the NFL (National Federation of Liars) is to swear up and down that you love a guy and that he's part of the foundation for your team."

Kowalski goes on to cite (WR) Roy Williams as an example. The Lions swore he was part of the team's foundation, only to turn around and send him to the Cowboys in a highway robbery deal.

Check out Kowalski's piece here.  He makes a good case but, on the other hand, I don't think you can hide the fact that there's been improvement from Dorsey every game culminating in a seven tackle performance in yesterday's victory.