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Rumor: Chiefs Trying to Trade LB Derrick Johnson and S DaJuan Morgan

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The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern time and the rumors are going to be swirling for the next 48 hour or so.

This report come from Mike Lombardi at the National Football Post, who has consistently delivered solid insider info from Arrowhead. He was very close on early reports about Matt Cassel's contract.

I do want to stress that this is a rumor. From Lombardi:

The Chiefs are trying to move former 2005 first-round linebacker Derrick Johnson and 2008 third-round safety DeJuan Morgan.

Todd Haley and Co. are making no secret about their unhappiness with the players they inherited from the previous regime.

I’m hearing they don’t like anyone, including Branden Albert, who they feel is not a left tackle.

Strong words from Lombardi as we near the trade deadline. I do believe Lombardi is correct in his comments about the Kansas City Chiefs and their intentions for those players. At least in the sense that there are a lot of Chiefs players who could possibly be moved for the right price. Jay Glazer said earlier today that the Chiefs are open to trading any player except for Matt Cassel.

Back in August, we caught wind of a rumor that Scott Pioli offered the Detroit Lions DaJuan Morgan for a 4th round pick. The Lions didn't bite, possibly giving us a glimpse into what Morgan may be worth on the open market.

The question is - Will any other team bite on either DJ, DaJuan Morgan or Branden Albert?

H/T to Matt for the initial FanShot on this.