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Chiefs K Ryan Succop Happy and Honored to Contribute

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Since the Kansas City Chiefs decision not to resign kicker Lawrence Tynes after the 2006 season, the team has had six kickers on it's roster.

It's safe to say that after today's 4/4 performance in bad field conditions, rookie Ryan Succop is the Chiefs' starting kicker indefinitely.

Succop hit from 39, 46, 46 and 24 yards to score all but two of the Chiefs' points against the Redskins. He is 10/11 on the season.

Joel was in the locker room after the game and said that main impression he got of Ryan Succop was that the kicker was very happy and honored by all of the congratulations. Len Dawson stopped Succop and congratulated him on his performance. Succop replied that he was honored that Dawson said that. After that, Todd Haley gave Succop the game ball in front of the entire team.

Here are some quotes from Succop, courtesy of Joel at FedEx:

On his performance:

"Dustin and Thomas did a great job snapping and holding the job.  Without them it doesn't happen and they work their tails off and do a great job."

"It's kinda neat, we always pray before the game and pray for peace.  It's been amazing, I haven't really felt nervous out there so that's been a blessing. It's great to have an opportunity to go out and help the team today."

On the weather:

"It doesn't change the way you approach anything.  The ball doesn't compress or anything when it gets colder but today it wasn't really that cold."

On the game ball:

"It's certainly a blessing and I guess it's just one of those things you dream about.  What happened today was awesome but the biggest thing that happened today was that we won.  And I'm just happy for all the coaches and players because everyone has been working their tails off and to get a win today and it is just awesome."

If field goals are going to win games for the Chiefs, Succop is as good of a kicker as you could have out there. There's a certain confidence you have as a fan with your team's kickers and Ryan Succop has quickly built up my confidence in him. He's got more than enough strength in his leg and each of his field goals today were solid kicks.