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Chiefs, Redskins Scoreless So Far

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0 to 0 as we near the halfway point of the second quarter.

Matt Cassel has been sacked three times already. The Redskins are abusing the left side of the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line, even with tight ends helping block.

On a positive note, Cassel is 8/12 passing and the wide receivers have made some good plays. The running game isn't there yet but I think there may be hope for Larry Johnson this game.

I've also been noticing Glenn Dorsey more this game. He has two tackles.

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Chiefs Q1 stats

1st downs: 3

3rd downs: 33%

Matt Cassel 7/10, 47 yards, sacked 3 times

Larry Johnson - 4 attempts, 14 yards

Dwayne Bowe - 1 reception, 14 yards