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College Football Open Thread

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We're not going to act like Saturdays aren't dominated by college football around here. There are some great games today and I know even I will be plopped down in front of the TV checking out Texas/OU at noon today. And let's face it. If the 800+ comments during this week's MNF game were any indication, Chiefs fans are looking for a non-KC football outlet sometimes. While I'm working on a Pioli trade article, I wanted to throw up this open thread for you.

Since the re-launch of, I've found myself reading the College Football Buffet every week. It's a full rundown of all of the games worth watching in college football and all SBN relationships aside, it's really awesome.

Here are the games that you should get a "heaping helping" of this week:

No. 22 South Carolina (5-1) @ No. 2 Alabama (6-0) - ESPN, 8pm

Can South Carolina stop the Alabama running game? Or Julio Jones? And shut down McElroy at QB? It might be too much to ask. Stephen Garcia will need a big day to make it happen.

No. 4 Virginia Tech (5-1) @ No. 19 Georgia Tech (5-1) - ESPN2, 6pm

Big game for Georgia Tech. Not only is it Homecoming but it's a chance to re-inject themselves into the ACC Championship discussion. That this one will be played in primetime only adds to the intrigue.

No. 20 Oklahoma (3-2) vs. No. 3 Texas (5-0) - ABC, Noon

Colt McCoy must have finally made it, he's reached Rick Reilly-coverage status. But has Texas' offense become too one-dimensional under Colt? Either way, WR Dejaun Miller and the rest of the Sooners are going to need to step it up to prevent falling back to .500 and out of the Top 25.

This is an open thread. What games are you watching today?