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The NFL Trade Deadline: What to Expect from the Kansas City Chiefs

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The NFL trade deadline is on Tuesday at 4 PM Eastern time. Will the Kansas City Chiefs be involved in any trades?

Maybe to unlikely.

I say that based on the fact that there aren't very many trades in the NFL in general, even as the trade deadline approaches.

To gauge the Chiefs' chances of making a trade and to see what types of players that may be involved, I did what we always do now when we're guessing what the Chiefs are going to do - look back and see what the Patriots did.

I went back to 2001 and pulled out the player for player and the player for picks trades that the New England Patriots made. The Chiefs general manager, Scott Pioli, was the Director of Player Personnel in New England starting in 2001 before becoming the Vice President of Player Personnel in 2002. So, yeah, he had a hand in these trades to say the least.

Before you hit the jump, here are a few observations:

  • The Patriots made 12 player/player or player/picks trades since 2001
  • They never made an October trade
  • The Patriots had some great value trades but also made some trades that completely backfired
  • They were quick to cut loose players with problems (off the field, contract issues and injuries)
  • They traded for six players and traded away six players
  • They never traded away a first round pick for a player

After the jump, I take a look at each of these 12 trades. Let us know what you think about who/if the Chiefs will trade after reading what Pioli did in New England for the last 8 seasons.


Pioli got: Green Bay's 2002 4th round pick (117th overall) and conditional 2003 draft pick

Pioli gave up: WR Terry Glenn

March 8th

Glenn was in his sixth season and coming off a 2001 season where he only played four games. Bill Belichick deactivated Glenn for most of the '01 season for off the field problems. Glenn played the 2003 season in Green Bay before being shipped off to Dallas.

Pioli got: Buffalo's 2003 1st round pick

Pioli gave up: QB Drew Bledsoe

April 21st

Bledsoe was also in his sixth season when he was traded from New England. I don't want to get too detailed with this trade since we all know the circumstances. Bledsoe injured; Tom Brady comes in; The world loves Tom Brady.


Pioli got: Houston's 5th round pick (154th overall)

Pioli gave up: T Greg Randall

March 6th

Randall was originally drafted by the Patriots in the 4th round of the 2000 draft and played a backup right tackle role for them. Not a bad drop off in trade value after three years - only one round.

Pioli got: New Orlean's 3rd round pick (81st overall), 7th round pick (239th overall) and the Saints 4th round pick in the 2004 draft (113th overall)

Pioli gave up: S Tebucky Jones

April 14th

Jones was drafted by the Patriots in the first round of the 1998 draft. He was franchised in 2003, which accounts for the high number of draft picks that the Pats received from the Saints.

Jones returned to the Pats in 2006 and just recently was in the news because he is suing the Patriots for malpractice essentially.

Pioli got: NT Ted Washington (from Chicago)

Pioli gave up: 2004 4th round pick (104th overall)

August 19th

If you run the 3-4, you need a nose tackle. And there aren't a lot of guys who are well-suited as Washington to do that. Washington was in his 12th year in the NFL when this trade happened and he only played one season for the Patriots.

Pioli got: G Jamil Soriano (From Chicago)

Pioli gave up: Conditional draft pick

August 26th

Not much to read into this trade. Soriano was in and off the Patriots practice squad in the 2003 season after giving up a conditional pick to get him from the Bears. He was signed by the Bears as an undrafted college free agent.


Pioli got: RB Corey Dillon (From Bengals)

Pioli gave up: 2nd round pick (56th overall)

April 19th

After seven seasons with the Bengals, Dillon came to New England and rushed for over 1,600 yards in the 2004 season. He would play two more seasons in New England before retiring.


Pioli got: CB Duane Starks (from Cardinals) and Arizona's 5th round pick (145th overall)

Pioli gave up: 3rd round pick (95th overall) and 5th round pick (168th overall)

March 4th

Essentially giving up a 3rd round pick for Starks, the Patriots released him after just one season. He was the 10th overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft and only played in seven games for the Pats. He was put on injured reserve after a shoulder injury.


Pioli got: DL Johnathan Sullivan

Pioli gave up: WR Bethel Johnson

June 6th

Johnson was a 2nd round pick by the Patriots in 2003. The Patriots decided to trade the disappointing receiver for what would be an even bigger disappointment - Johnathan Sullivan. He was the 6th overall pick in the 2003 draft but was arrested on drug charges just weeks after signing with the Pats.

The Patriots released Sullivan the following October. He didn't play a snap for New England.

Pioli got: Seahawks' 2007 1st round pick (24th overall)

Pioli gave up: WR Deion Branch

September 11th

Branch was drafted with the final pick in the second round by the Patriots in 2002. After being named the Super Bowl MVP in 2005, the Pats pulled the wool over the eyes of the Seahawks and traded Branch away for...a first round pick. Branch and the Patriots were having contract issues and as the pattern shows, the Patriots ditched their problem player.

This trade should be made literally every time it is offered to a team.


Pioli got: WR Wes Welker

Pioli gave up: 2nd round pick (60th overall) and 7th round pick (238th overall)

March 5th

Welker had played three NFL seasons when he came to New England. He would play in every game over the next two seasons, catching 112 and 111 passes respectively. I consider this a good trade by the Patriots because of their plethora of draft picks at the time and the fact that Welker so clearly fit their system.

Pioli got: WR Randy Moss (from Oakland)

Pioli gave up: 4th round pick (110th overall)

April 29th

We all know about this trade too. Moss to New England. Brady to Moss. All year long.


Pioli got: QB Matt Cassel and LB Mike Vrabel

Pioli gave up: 2nd round pick (34th overall)

February 28th

Even though the jury is still out on this trade, I think it's safe to say that at the time it was a great value for what we got.

Chime in with your thoughts in the comment section.

Which players do you think are on the trading block based on Pioli's trade history?