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Rich Gannon Weighs in on the Chiefs Before Redskins Game

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Former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Rich Gannon will team with Ian Eagle to once again call the game against the Washington Redskins this weekend.  Gannon, normally of CBS and Sirius Satellite Radio, joined the Morning Rush on 610 Sports to talk Chiefs.

I've gone through a lot of what Gannon said, and while none of it is groundbreaking, it's some pretty interesting stuff.

Since Gannon's calling the game, so he couldn't go Theismann on us and pick against his former team.  He says the Chiefs can win on the road tomorrow.  He's one of the optimistic ones when it comes to the Chiefs future and some of their valuable assets, mainly Matt Cassel.  However, an 0-5 record doesn't come with its faults.

"The thing that bothers me right now is their inability to run the football," he said.  "That's a problem they have to get straightened out."

With no running game to speak of, what about the passing game and Cassel?

"I think he's starting to realize he doesn't have the same talent around him as last year," Gannon began, "but I really think this guy's got a chance to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. I really believe that."

"With Todd Haley," he said, "I get the sense there's some frustration and that happens with play callers.  If you're not having success running the ball early, you have a tendency to go to the no-huddle or throw the ball.  You're always looking for a tempo change and something to jump-start your offense and get you into a rhythm in a little bit"

Good and bad news on the Chiefs chances Sunday.

"They've gotten off to a terrible start.  They've scored one first quarter touchdown all season.  In fact, they've scored just six points in the first quarter.  They can't start games that way against football teams and expect to win.  Now, the good news is that the Redskins have not started games particularly well either and they have their own issues, particularly along the offensive line."

This is some interesting stuff on the HC/OC/QB coach for Haley.

"When you look at a guy like Matt Cassel, it's difficult enough for him to learn a new system, now he has a new play caller, new guy in your ear.  The struggle that Matt Cassel's going to have with Haley is ust getting enough time with him.  You wanna sit next to the play caller in the meetings, have in the quarterback meetings, you wanna get him before practice and talk to him before a series of plays and that's sometimes very difficult when the playcaller is also the head coach. The play caller and the quarterback have to be joined at the hip. 

"They have to have a very unique relationship, a special bond where the communication is there and be able to talk and share with each other with what they're hearing, seeing and feeling."

Some praise for an 0-5 coach? 

"I'll say this about Todd Haley.  I like the fact that if it's not the way he wants it, he's going to make a change.  He won't hesitate to do that.  It's important enough to him do that.  He's done some things that are very uncharacteristic of some head coaches, but this is a guy that believes in a certain system and structure and a way of doing things, and if it's not that way he's willing to make a change."

Bottom line: 

"I think this is going to be an interesting game and, quite frankly, a game the Chiefs can win on the road."