Calling on the Brotherhood (UPDATE)




 *************************************UPDATE: 10/22/09******************************************************************

First of all thank you so much for your support in this! Mag is currently leading by only 3 votes with about 9 days to go. We are pretty sure the twerp who is hanging with her just keeps re-voting for himself because everytime she pull sahead he magically pulls within 1 or two votes of her in a very short span of time.


We really need to full force might fo Arrowhead Pride on this one. You can always vote again with registering another email address or I have found, that after voting, if you refresh the page a couple of times, it will let you vote again.


Mag is super excited but we don't want some Philip Rivers-esc guy taking this away from her. If you have some extra time and can vote again or if you haven't voted yet, it would be a great help.


She also told me that if she wins she is making AP cupcakes. I don't know about you guys but I want to see how she'll pull that one off.


Here is the link that explains everything again. Thanks so much. You guys rock,





The Chiefs have fallen on hard times. Aint that the truth. We all know how historically bad the Chiefs have been these last few seasons. We have all experienced the snickering national media using the Chiefs as a punch line in their articles. Heck, it might even be worse if it wasn’t for all the other bad teams this season deflecting some of the heat off the Chiefs.


It is hard to be a fan of any team. Fan is short for fanatic and I know most of us here at AP are fanatical about the Chiefs. That is what makes it so hard to endure the bad times. Every week we dive in. We foolishly expose ourselves to more disappointment. Every Sunday I get up, make coffee, play the Chief’s next opponent on Madden and then put on my Matt Cassel jersey.  I set my fantasy team, kiss my girlfriend goodbye and head off to the bar to catch the game with my friends. I let myself get excited. I know, deep down in the back of my mind, that the Chiefs will probably lose, maybe in gut wrenching fashion and let me down again. I’ll be crushed. My weekend will once again end on a sour note. I know I have nothing more to look forward to but an uncomfortable subway ride to Manhattan and another long week of work. As I always try to do though, I find a silver lining.


It’s the Chiefs that help me get through the week. It is the Chiefs I look forward to watching all week long, ever hoping that this weekend will be different. Maybe that is my reward for a Sunday of personal investment. I get an entire week of possibilities, potential team developments and most importantly, a extra special reason to look forward to the weekend. I also know that eventually, the Chiefs are going to reward me for my loyalty and for my support. Eventually the Chiefs are going to win and I will tell you friends, I will ride that win all week long.


I wrote a piece for AP a few months back called The Brotherhood. You can read it here. It was a very important piece for me as I used it as a way to express my gratitude for a site like AP and my feelings about a friend of mine, and fellow Chiefs fan, departing NYC for Canada. As fans we need to stick together, not only because we are in this rough time together but also because the Chiefs will reward us handsomely one day. I truly believe that. I’m a Chiefs fan for life.


In this spirit I would like to use this opportunity to ask you, my fellow AP homeboys and girls, for a favor. I have checked this out with Chris and he has granted me permission.


My girlfriend is a finalist for a very special honor. She is one of 6 people in a contest to be awarded the chance to write a short play to be on Broadway for one night only. In order to win, she needs to receive the highest number of votes. All one has to do is sign up for a website and then vote for her. You do have to register, it is annoying I know, but also harmless. You do the usual, name and email address and so on and then you can vote for her. It is her dream to see her work on Broadway. Just like it is my dream to see the Chiefs win a game. =)


I created a blog that explains everything and gives instructions on what you need to do to vote for her. When I found out she needed votes I told her that I thought I could get Arrowhead Pride to have her back.


Thus I humbly ask for a few minutes of your time.


Here is the link to the blog I set up.


It will tell you how you can vote for her. Please take a minute to do this and by all means, pass the link on to your friends or anyone you know that would want to help an artist achieve her wildest dream.


At the very least, I think we’ll have one more Chiefs fan out of the deal. Thank you all of the good times on AP and of being a Chiefs fan and thank you for your help.


Go Chiefs! Beat Washington!


P.S. If this could be rec'd up a little so it can stay on the page longer I'd appreciate it.

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