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The Best Shot at First Half Momentum

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Well, it's no secret that the Chiefs are winless and could very well head into the Bye Week without anything in the win column. The second half, at least according to the schedule, looks quite delicious compared to the front half. Because of this, heading into the bye with a sense of accomplishment - to any degree - would help a lot more than heads hanging low and going 0-7.

It seems then that there's some level of importance on the line for the Chiefs against the Redskins this weekend. Of course, no more so than what the Redskins are feeling who, playing in a high pressure market, act like they're winless more than the Chiefs do. Still, here's hoping the Chiefs don't allow the Redskins to play with a higher sense of urgency.

What this will tell us, win or lose, is quite a bit more about the morale in the locker room and the coaching acumen of Todd Haley. With so many coaching and personnel moves since the preseason, if he can still command the players after going 0-6, there's a good chance he will live through this quite well and find some momentum on the other side.

We all knew there were two halves to this season. The front nine, so to speak, was a lot harder than the back, and the scope hasn't been pretty so far. But the chance to earn a bit of momentum would speak volumes to a fan base searching for signs of life, for players tired of hanging their heads low after games and for a coach waiting for that elusive first head coaching win.