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Build an Offense of Former Chiefs

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Last night, we talked about building a defense of former Kansas City Chiefs. That was tough.

This morning let's talk offense.

The guidelines are the same - pick players that are either active or at least potentially active NFL players. Check out Pro Football Reference's Chiefs page. Click on the year and then Starters & Roster to view full rosters for each year.

After the jump, I've got my former Chiefs that I'd could see filling a backup or even starting role on this team. Cut and paste the list into a comment and add your own.

Remember, this is part conversation starter and part walk down memory lane. Have fun with it.

WR: Samie Parker

LT: Kevin Sampson

LG: Ryan Lilja

C: Casey Wiegmann

RG: John Welbourn

RT: Jordan Black

TE: Tony Gonzalez

WR: Joe Horn baby!

QB: Damon Huard

FB: Tony Richardson

RB: Michael Bennett

What former Chiefs come to mind for you?