Branden Albert is OUT!!!

I just saw Branden Albert at the NBA game tonight and he is DEF not playing Sunday.

I saw Albert as he walk (limped) into the sprint center went up to him and wished him well with the injury and he said "man I really don't wanna even think about football" he talked to my son for a bit complimented me on my throwback Michael Jordan jersey and began to walk to his seats.

As he limped in and limped off to his seat you could clearly see that he is not well and was walking very gingerly, I'm no doctor but I don't see how he can put enough wet on that foot to block anyone let alone a speed rusher.

Another note I thought the great Fans of Pride should know is that Albert lost way too much weight in the off season and I think that def. has effected his play. I ran into him last year and he was much bigger tonight he was really lean, I mean if I didn't know any better I would think he was the back up small forward for the heat not a starting left tackle in the NFL.

Albert is a class act, great guy who talked to a ton of kids and fans but that foot does not look good at all...Lets pray that the highway is closed on the leftside this Sunday..

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