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Build a Defense of Former Kansas City Chiefs

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Since it's a bit of a slow news day, I wanted to throw out what should be a good conversation starter: What former Kansas City Chiefs would you build a defense with?

A couple caveats here. First, let's make sure the players are active or at least capable of being active and at least appeared on the Chiefs roster at some point. That could be practice squad or regular season roster. It doesn't matter. Second, keep in mind that the Chiefs are running a 3-4 defense now. Do your best to pick players that make sense in that role (Although after putting together my list, this is tough). 

You can just talk about which former Chiefs defensive players you think are even slightly worthy of bringing back. Like I said, this is a conversation post on a slow news day.

A good resource for you is Pro Football Reference's Chiefs page. Click on the year then click on Starters & Roster to peek at the players for each season.

My picks are after the jump. Cut and paste this list into the comments to make your own.

DE: Jared Allen

NT: Vonnie Holliday (Not the best fit but the NT is tougher)

DE: Jimmy Wilkerson

OLB: Scott Fujita

ILB: Kawika Mitchell

ILB: Kendrell Bell

OLB: Boomer (Ha!)

CB: Benny Sapp

CB: ???

SS: Bernard Pollard

FS: ???

Wow. Okay, I wrote the intro to this post and then tried to pick the players. This is tough work!

Enlighten us AP readers. What former Chiefs are even slightly worthy of being considered backups on our 32nd ranked defense?

Have fun with this. I'm off to bed early tonight.