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Schefter: Chiefs Should Trade Bowe to the Ravens

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Adam Schefter of ESPN talked on SportsCenter today about five trades that he believes should happen.  To be clear, he is NOT reporting this or saying any talks have happened.  These are five trades that, in his mind, make sense.

  • Brady Quinn to the Panthers for a 4th round pick
  • Dwayne Bowe to the Ravens for a 2nd and 5th round pick
  • Terrell Owens to the Bears for a conditional 4th round pick
  • Julius Peppers to the 49ers for a 1st round pick
  • Shawne Merriman to the Patriots for a 2nd round pick

It's fun to talk about trades but history shows that it's unlikely to happen.  However, this season may be a little different. 

A big reason many trades are generally unlikely to occur is due to the finances involved, mainly the salary cap.  With an uncapped year around the corner, and multiple teams with previously unheard of cap space, this has become less of an issue. Will it make any difference? I have no idea, but it's an intriguing part of the trade deadline story.

As for the chances of the Chiefs trading Bowe to the Ravens? I doubt it.  Anything's possible but Bowe is too important to the viability of the Chiefs offense. 

Ever since Todd Haley "demoted" Bowe in the preseason, rumors of a Bowe trade have been flying.

Bowe and the Chiefs were previously linked to the New York Jets in trade speculation.  The Jets, of course, opted for Braylon Edwards.  On September 25th, Schefter said in an ESPN chat that he believes every player on the Chiefs, save Matt Cassel and Tyson Jackson, is available, and that includes Dwayne Bowe.

I understood the reasoning behind trading Tony Gonzalez, primarily his age and the compensation that was available at the time, but trading Bowe would take away Matt Cassel's No. 1 target.  And, as we've previously discussed, major goals for the organization should be to protect the quarterback and provide him with weapons since this is a quarterback-driven league.

Bowe's been successful under Haley this season, and his numbers have been incredibly consistent for a wide-out in his third year, so I think any information about him being in Haley's doghouse is out-dated.

Will a Bowe trade happen?  I wouldn't bet on it.