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Theismann Picks the Chiefs Over His Former Team the Redskins

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I've noticed that former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann is a bit of a Kansas City Chiefs homer.  Over the offseason, he weighed in on various Chiefs issues ranging from the Matt Cassel trade (he thought Bill Belichick gave Scott Pioli a sweetheart deal) to a lofty prediction (10-6 with a playoff berth).

In addition to that, he picked the Chiefs to beat the Cowboys last week, while all his colleagues opted to go with the odds.

Theismann appeared on the Morning Rush with Roger Twibell yesterday and talked Chiefs and Redskins. 'So you're picking the Chiefs this week?' Twibell asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, I am," Theismann responded.  That makes the third time in six games Theismann has picked the Chiefs to win.

And the prediction comes against the team and the city in which he spent a decade.  Imagine Len Dawson picking against the Chiefs facing a winless team.  

"The Chiefs have to look at this game and say, 'This is a game we can win'," he continued.  "And players aren't stupid, they know what was coming [with the early schedule]."

As for a final score prediction?

"It should be a close game.  I don't think it'll be 6-3 but I'm not looking for a 35-45 game either."