Mock Draft:Kansas City

Here's my mock draft for Kansas city

1 Russell Okung: good feet work and athleticism and good pass and run blocking at 6-6 306 pounds he's being compared to D'Brickashaw Ferguson of the NY JETS.

2 Ed Dickson: fast effective tight end i don't think Shawn Ryan is a guy you want as your starting tight end.

2 Nate Allen: fast good cover safety and plays well in man coverage with his speed.

3 Jerome Murphy: he's like the corner version of Nate Allen and like piola did last year he likes to go after underrated players in the draft and this guy is way better then Maurice Leggett and is compared to Al Harris of the Packers.

4 Micah Johnson: great leader and player would be a guy who plays like seau of the patriots.

5 Brandon Banks: great speed demon and has 3 kickoff touchdowns and does punts too so he's a guy you want on your team and k-state QB's with no arm power he's just so underrated.

6 Eric Olsen: a young stud with good hands and footwork.

6 Chris Hall: The center for Texas he helped Texas average 44 points per game last year

Undrafted Free Agents: Clint Gresham Long Snapper for TCU with Gadford playing terrible and has already allowed 1 blocked kick.

You probably wonder why not more offensive linemen or defensive lineman but I think piola will get more guards and tackles in free agency

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