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Could Be Worse, Chiefs Fans: D.C. Talkin' Redskins Boycott

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It's days like this that I appreciate the sturdy ownership of the Kansas City Chiefs.  John Feinstein appeared on Washington Post Live, a D.C. talk-show, on Monday and called for a boycott of anything and everything Washington Redskins to voice their displeasure.

"And let me say this for the record, I know what Redskins fans are saying right now. They're angry, they're upset. Ok, DO something about it. DON'T go to the game Sunday. I'm serious about this. If you really want to send a message to the owner, stop calling radio talk shows, stop sending e-mails to this show, and DON'T GO on Sunday. Don't give the guy your money for parking, for concessions.

"Tell him how upset you are by staying home and watching the game on television. They ought to just stay home....DON'T GO. STAY HOME AND WATCH THE GOOD GAMES. DON'T GO!"

(Transcript comes via Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog)

Mr. Steinberg sums it up pretty well: "Wow."

The way I hear it, if the Chiefs had beaten the Cowboys last week, Wade Phillips might have been out of a job.  And the way I hear it this week, if the Chiefs beat the Redskins this week, Jim Zorn might be out of a job.

(H/T oldchiefsfan for the link)