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Arrowhead Pride is Proud to Announce Sprint as a Sponsor

This is a sponsored post

Arrowhead Pride anywhere?  Apparently so.  We're proud to announce our newest sponsor: Sprint.

As part of SB Nation's deal with Sprint, you can now view Arrowhead Pride on Sprint's NFL Mobile Live application.  It's actually pretty cool.  As part of the deal, I was given a free Palm Pre (and free service).

You can track all the games on Sundays with an automatically updating application and even zero in on one game.  Need the live radio broadcast?  Get it here.  Want to watch NFL Network live?  Get it here.

It's really a great application.

As for the Palm Pre itself, I must say I'm impressed.  I came from one of those old school Sprint phones that was probably made five years ago and moved to the Pre, which is definitely sweet.  It's obviously competing with a certain other touch screen phone and it's got one major advantage.

You can have multiple applications open at once!  That means I can be tracking Arrowhead Pride (via the mobile version, have my text message window open to read Chris' rants all the while tracking all the day's games on the NFL Mobile Live application.

Every week, Sprint, also the official telecommunications sponsor of the NFL, hosts three Can't Miss Plays of the week.  Click here to vote on them and enter to win one of 17 trips to the Super Bowl.

Now if we can just get the Chiefs on one the good end of the Can't Miss Plays of the week...

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