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Just One Change to the Chiefs Depth Chart

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After the Kansas City Chiefs fifth consecutive loss this season, I expected to see a few changes to the depth chart.  It's become a weekly tradition in this space to take a look at the changes made.  Many times the changes don't mean anything as far as time on the field and, other times, it's the head coach sending a message.

Today, there's one change as the team prepares for the Washington Redskins

Drum roll please.....

(Yes, you have to make the jump.  And, no, it's for for page views.  It's to move you to the comments, maybe the best section on Arrowhead Pride.)

Jackie Battle has moved ahead of Dantrell Savage as the third running back.

Yes, folks, an overtime loss to America's team prompted this move (Actually it didn't).  On Sunday, Battle logged one reception for three yards.  He did not have any carries.  Savage was inactive.

As far as I can tell, this is the least amount of changes to the depth chart since the season began.

As we look to the next possible roster move, it's always important to keep an eye on the inactives, which last week were Quinten Lawrence, Mike Richardson, Dantrell Savage, Bobby Engram, Ikechuku Ndukwe, Jake O'Connell and Pierre Walters.

The biggest question I have is why Engram was inactive and, really, why we haven't seen him much this season?  He was brought on board not only for a veteran presence, but for production.  He's two years removed from a 1,000+ yard season and has been virtually non-existent in Kansas City.  Even Haley favorite Terrance Copper has been more valuable (special teams).

It's certainly a little strange to have little movement from a head coach that goes a long way to ensuring his players never feel comfortable.

Is this the calm before the storm?  We shall see.