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Second Guessing Chiefs Not Going for Two Against the Cowboys

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I figured this topic would come up.  In the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Matt Cassel hit Dwayne Bowe for a good lookin' 16 yard touchdown pass.  That put the score at 20-19.  I asked the reporter next to me, 'Do they go for two?' 

'Why not?', he said. 

At the time, it made sense to me to go for it.  I'll get to that a minute but I can tell you that the mood in the locker room after the game, after speaking to a few players, was that head coach Todd Haley made the right decision.  The responses I got were pretty similar: 'We fought this hard to get into this position.  Let's not put it all on the line with a 2 1/2 yard conversion.'

From the players perspective, Haley was showing faith in them by sending it to overtime. Jon McGraw shared a similar sentiment when asked about the decision to send it into overtime.

"He gave us a chance to win the game in overtime," McGraw said of Haley after the game.  "It's great when your head coach believes in you and I think the whole sideline believed we would win the coin toss and go down the field and score and win the game."

So, why try the two point conversion?

Because you might not put yourself in a position like that again.  Why take the risk of not getting the ball back?  To put it another way: Would you rather have the ball on your own 35 yard line on first down or on your own 2 1/2 yard line on fourth down?  Is there a better position to be in than 2 1/2 yards away?

I know this debate has been around for years.  The usual thinking is that you go for two on the road and for the tie at home.  The players say go for the tie, I say go for the win, what do you say?