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Will Chiefs Be Involved In Upcoming Trade Deadline?

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The time is nearing, the deadline looming. Fans of all sports love the times of year where player movement is accelerated and encouraged, so of course, we're curious to see what could happen both in the NFL and with the Chiefs.

This time around, we're a team that looks headed for the top of the draft again, just like this last year. A few wins on the back nine of the schedule could bring us down into the 6-10 region of the Top Ten in the 2010 NFL Draft, but there's no way we're outside that realm. Therefore, we're definitely not buyers this time of year.

So if we're sellers, who are we selling? Or will we stand pat? It's hard to say since trades in the NFL aren't nearly as commonplace as the other major sports and with the uncertainty of the labor situation, it's hard to imagine much really going down. But then one look at the Braylon Edwards trade having already taken place, and you realize you just can't forecast much of anything in today's NFL.

With that said, I also can't imagine the Chiefs not doing something, considering both the state of the franchise and the Chiefs' front office penchant for picking up players. Perhaps no single team has signed more free agents in-season already so they're not afraid to pull the trigger if they believe it gets them a better deal.

My personal hope? That we can pick up some draft picks. I like it that we already have an extra second rounder (still wish we had Tony as I think it's a horrible trade), but we also traded some conditional picks away (see the Dolphins deal for Andy Alleman and Ike Ndukwe). So we'd love to hear your thoughts as the trade deadline gets closer. Who do you think could be dealt? Or do you think we stand pat?