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The Chiefs Sloppiness is Killing Them

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As late as Friday before game time, it's been made known that Head Coach Todd Haley pulled the Chiefs positional coaches off of the field in a move intended to make a point of the players' sloppiness and the coach's overall displeasure of the session. It's an interesting move that ESPN notes harkens back to Bill Parcells, who made similar moves in his coaching tenure(s). But it's also interesting simply because we, as the audience, had the chance to see the repercussions on the field after such a move.

It's one thing if Haley does this in the offseason with no real ability to tell if it "works" or not (although how can you really know what fully works and what doesn't, since there are so many factors that go into game-time play). But for this display to make some headlines right before a game in which the Kansas City defensive players missed endless amounts of tackles (I mean, Miles Austin for 250? Seriously?) and the Chiefs' running game couldn't find anything (LJ goes 21 for 37? Seriously?)... well, we're just lucky the Cowboys were sloppy enough to keep us in the game.

So while the effort was there, while the final drive was compelling, the reality is that we're still missing tackles, we're still botching plays. It's the penalty from Wade Smith in overtime. It's the horrible technique from the entire secondary. You might have missed it simply because the Cowboys played one of the sloppiest games of any on Sunday, but the Chiefs' own erratic play kept them from being able to capitalize on an easy win.

Rewind to a couple weeks ago when this same thing happened against the Raiders. The Raiders were handing Kansas City the victory and yet we refused to accept it. Here, Dallas gave us a great chance at home to pick up the first win of the season and instead the Chiefs head back to practice 0-5.

I'm not sure what works and what doesn't but something's not working. "Good teams find ways to win" goes the oft-quoted maxim, but some of the teams winning against the Chiefs are leaving happy because we're finding ways to lose.