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What Do Chiefs Fans Think About Tyson Jackson So Far?

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tyson jackson chiefs
tyson jackson chiefs

DE Tyson Jackson, the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick and #3 overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft, has three tackles through five games.

Those are the only stats he's registered and I'm not saying that as a complaint or to make a point indicative of his play. The general idea behind draft Jackson was that he was that essential piece of the 3-4 defense that occupies one, two, maybe even three opponents so that the rest of the line is free to pursue quarterbacks and running backs.

Jackson's set of stats will likely never impress. It's his play on game film that will show where he is being effective.

So, I ask you this morning Chiefs fans, do you think Tyson Jackson is being effective through five games?

After asking you that question, I'm tempted to rewatch a couple of games and specifically watch the man to see how he's been doing. So far, I don't believe I can recall a time his name was mentioned during a game, aside from his three tackles.

What are your initial thoughts on Jackson? Encouraged? Too early?