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Chiefs Players Impressed With Matt Cassel Despite Loss to the Cowboys

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Despite a 26-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, several Kansas City Chiefs players came away either impressed with Matt Cassel or assured that he's the guy they thought he was.

Cassel ended the overtime loss 23/41 for 253 yards and two touchdowns.  He did not turn the ball over and nearly led all Chiefs with 28 yards rushing (Larry Johnson led the team with 37). 

Following the Chiefs final drive in regulation, I told a reporter next to me that this is why Cassel was brought on board. 

His stats weren't incredible on that last drive completing only four of eight passes, but there was just something about him.  The poise and sense of calm could be felt behind a glass window in the press box.

Late in the game, 3rd and 14, pressure mounting, all eyes on the quarterback.  Cassel dropped back and hit Bobby Wade across the middle for 36 yards and a huge, huge shift in confidence.  Suddenly, the Chiefs actually had a shot at this thing.  The next play, Dwayne Bowe jumped what seemed like five or six feet in the air and hauled in a 17 yard pass to put the Chiefs inside the 20 yard line.

It's a ball game again. 

"Nothing he does surprises me," Chiefs TE Sean Ryan said. "Great athlete, great guy and he's the leader of our team.  Whether he had butterflies on the inside, he didn't show anything on the outside.  Everyone feeds off of that kinda stuff."

And feed off it they did as Cassel ended the drive with a 16 yard strike to Bowe for the game tying touchdown.

"That was a great drive for us," Cassel said after the game. "The offense did a great job, the receivers caught the ball, we moved the ball down the field, we were able to push the ball down the field in terms of throwing the ball.

"It was a great drive.  It gave us an opportunity to win at the end, and that's all you can ask for in this type of game."

Color Wade Smith not surprised by Cassel's performance.  For the leader of the team, as Smith says, this is what's expected of him.

"I don't think I learned anything. He just confirmed what we knew about him," he said.  "He's our quarterback and our leader.  That's pretty much it.  What he did today didn't surprise me.  I don't know if it surprised you all, but it didn't surprise me. That's what he's for."

Wade Smith agrees with me: That's why they brought Matt Cassel on board.