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Cowboy Mistakes Put Chiefs Up 10-3 as First Half Ends

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Cowboys on SBN: Blogging the Boys

All game coverage: Chiefs v. Cowboys game center

Listen online: 101 The Fox (Click Listen Live in the upper right)

First half stats are here.

Two turnovers by the Cowboys gave the Kansas City Chiefs great field position. One Succop field goal and a Mike Vrabel TD reception near the goal line have KC up 10 to 3.

I'm checking out the Cowboys game thread and they sound, like, well like how we sounded during the first quarter.

The offense is almost completely ineffective. We're going to need some more turnovers to score. This final drive before the half was better but still ended up with a Dustin Colquitt punt.

Regardless, how good does this lead feel, however temporary? So good.