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No Rain But Still a Cold Day at Arrowhead

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No rain is forecasted for today's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys at Arrowhead stadium but it's still going to be cold.  If you're headed out to the game, wrap up lest you stop yelling 'Go Chiefs!' and start shivering 'Brrr".

Save two years in the non-east-coast, wanna-be-east-cast city St. Louis, I've lived my entire life in Kansas City so I'm well aware of the seasonal extremes.

In the summer, the humidity rises with the temperature and it can be miserable.  It's not quite southern Louisiana (where Mrs. Arrowhead Pride once resided), but it's still miserable.  Try walking around your office with a constant sweat across your brow and desperately praying you don't have to see a client with these sweat marks running down your back.  Chris knows this problem I have with the Kansas City humidity and it's just miserable (and humiliating at times). [He's talking about butt sweat. -Chris]

Well, the winter is just as bad but for different reasons.  Here we sit in the second week of October and my summer wardrobe has been replaced by coats, sweaters and long underwear (not really, but hoping for a Christmas present).

When Todd Haley emphasizes the Chiefs running game, I smile.  Not because I think it's a fruitless effort but because he's probably aware of the Kansas City winters.  In about a month, I can see the team lining up with a frozen football, with snow on the field despite the field crew's best efforts, and everyone in the world knowing the best (and perhaps only) way to move the football is on the ground.

Days like this remind me why the run game is so important in the NFL.  It's not the end all, be all to success, as the Patriots in a Boston December have demonstrated, but it's still important.

If any of you are going out to the game (or are already at the game reading this on AP's mobile site, as we know you all do), tell us how you're going to keep warm.