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Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs v. Dallas Cowboys

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When: Noon, Arrowhead Time

Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO....The American heartbeat of NFL football

Cowboys on SBN: Blogging the Boys

All game coverage: Chiefs v. Cowboys game center

Listen online: 101 The Fox (Click Listen Live in the upper right)

NFL TV distribution maps: NFL Maps

Inactives are here.

To get caught up, make sure you click on that game center link above. It has all of this week's coverage in one spot.

Chiefs v. Cowboys...the eyes of the nation are upon us. Well, 40% of the nation theoretically. This is the signature game for Fox this week and it will be shown throughout the south and midwest.

Joel is in the press box today and will be in the locker room after the game. Hit us up on Twitter (@ArrowheadPride) and in the comments with your questions for the players after the game and Joel will do his best to get them answered and incorporate them into his post game coverage.

Yes, no other site does that for you. Ask a question and you have a direct line to the players in the locker room. Get your final score predictions in for the game in the comment section. I'm going to 20 to 13, in favor of the Chiefs.