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Cowboys Official: 'We need to dominate the Chiefs'

I'm one of those people that think the words must-win aren't thrown around too much.  With only a 16 game schedule, I do believe every game is incredibly important, even against a winless team.  If you start off slow, the chances of a playoff-berth decrease dramatically.

That said, those words are being thrown around the Dallas Cowboys this week as they begin to face our Kansas City Chiefs.  However, it's not a must-win in their eyes, it's a must-dominate.

"The rebuilding Chiefs would seem to present a great opportunity for the Cowboys to put on a great showing," ESPN's Michael Smith said this morning on SportsCenter. 

"As one Dallas official told me, we need to dominate.  Struggling with or even losing to the Chiefs would mean a long bye week and lead to more questions about this team, many of them already originating from within."

As Smith points out, the Cowboys two victories this season have come against teams that are a combined 0-7 while their two losses have come against teams that are a combined 8-0. 

So, not only are the Cowboys feeling the pressure to beat the Chiefs, but beat them good.  Smith agrees with the Cowboys' sentiment, "Sunday's game against the winless Chiefs isn't a must win for the Dallas Cowboys, it's a must win big."

In some way, this may work out in the Chiefs favor.  A big win for the 'Boys would likely mean plenty of opportunities for Romo and the Chiefs best chance is to turn those Romo-opportunities into Romo-mistakes.