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Cowboys Coach Knows What the Chiefs in Arrowhead is Like

Just because he's in the NFC doesn't mean Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips doesn't know what playing in Arrowhead Stadium is like.  A former coach for the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers, Phillips has experienced playing the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrohwead. 

Despite the miserable home records over the last two seasons, and two games this season, the Chiefs have the fourth best home record since 1990.  Now, that doesn't mean much when it comes to the current personnel.  By all accounts, the Chiefs aren't the same intimidating home team they were during the 90s when only Buffalo mustered up a better home record.

Phillips told reporters, "The crowd is great.  The Chiefs have a good feeling about playing at home. They've been conditioned to play well at home."

If you've been to a game at Arrowhead then you know what makes it special,  The tailgating. The fly-over. "Home of the Chiefs."

"The Air Force (jets) flying over," Phillips continues, "(the fans) singing the national anthem, changing the words at the end to ‘Home of the Chiefs' instead of the brave. If you haven't been there, you don't know they're going to say that.

"They've changed our national anthem. It's something pretty different."

In a few hours, the Cowboys will enter a sold-out Arrowhead stadium.  The crowds might not be the same, certainly not as loud with 15,000 less fans in attendance, but the mystique of a Kansas City home game carries on.

And if you complain about Arrowhead and the sub-40 degrees we'll see today, just remember one thing.  It could be worse - we could be playing in a dome.