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Chiefs Are in First Place in the Soup League

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The Kansas City Chiefs are tied for first place in the NFL..

...In the Campbell's Chunky Soup league!

The soup folks have a competition going on. Each week, choose the winner of the Chiefs game

Hint: Pick the Chiefs because the team with the most votes will get soup delivered to their local food banks by Campbell's Chunky.

It's pretty impressive that the Chiefs and Jaguars are so high considering their market size.  I would have imagine the bigger cities, with more fans, would be dominating this competition.  In fact, the Jets, in the largest US market, are in last place.

And the Steelers are also undefeated.  Not only do they own more rings than any other team, but their fans travel the best and they can apparently click for a good cause. 

Anyway, a good cause that can benefit Kansas City.  And it's nice to win at something.