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Chiefs Coach Haley is Asked if he Would Ever Sign Terrell Owens

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley joined Randy Galloway at 103.3 in Dallas, Texas.  The guys are familiar with Haley from his days with the Cowboys and they're also familiar with his run-ins with Terrell Owens.  The two spent a couple years together and it's pretty well-known that they didn't get along.  Here's an exchange they had regarding T.O.

103.3: Would you ever sign Terrell Owens?

(2-3 second pause)

Haley: Why is he out there right now? 

103.3: (Laughter) Maybe after this season.

Haley: I don't do hypotheticals. You can call me if it happens.

It's a pretty funny exchange when you listen to the audio (which you can do here).

it's a pretty good interview as it seems the host (Galloway) has a good rapport with Haley.  He seemed to be a bit more relaxed. Nothing groundbreaking was revealed but the head coach still hit on a few points.  I've highlighted a few of those points after the jump.

Of course, the topic of the day in Dallas was addressed first. Galloway began "I know you have offensive problems down there in Kansas City, but forget that. We've got Romo problems!"

Haley laughed, "Randy, I got my own house and it's ablaze.  It's a full inferno and I've got every hose I have going on it trying to get that out. I've got no time to worry about Romo other than trying to stop him."

That blaze is the Chiefs 0-4 start and all the question marks across the entire team.

"Number one," Haley said,  "the competition has been pretty stiff.  I don't think you could ask for a worse schedule right out of the gate.  It doesn't feel like a 2-14 schedule."

He continued with what has been the hot topic this week: Minus plays.

"You favorite, Coach Parcells, jammed it in my head long enough that you can't win with minus yards," he said before noting that the Chiefs have had 31 minus plays for 271 yards.

Haley also talked about the Atlanta/Miami factor.  You know, the worst-to-first mentality. "That's what's made it tough," he said.  "Atlanta and Miami did it last year."  It creates a lot of pressure on the team and a lot of folks expect similar results.

The Chiefs won't be going undefeated this year but they can start the second quarter of the season with a win against the Cowboys on Sunday.