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Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe Practices

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All 53 players were present at a stormy practice today and that includes the two Kansas City Chiefs that were listed on the team's injury report yesterday.

Derrick Johnson, who was limited yesterday, practiced fully.  We're counting on him playing.

The big question, though, is the status of Dwayne Bowe.  Good news: He DID practice today, albeit not with the first team.  Mark Bradley and Bobby Wade took care of the first team Josh Looney of reports.

As Bob Gretz reports, Bowe gingerly ran routes with the receivers.  When it was time to work against the defensive backs, he sat out, which tells me that'll once again be listed as a limited participant in practice.  He even changed his shoes at one point in the session.

Bowe missed yesterday's practice which is noteworthy in my mind because a player has yet to miss a Wednesday practice and still play in the game.  Todd Haley really stresses practicing with the team.

Another test will come tomorrow.  Haley has previously indicated that for him to consider a player to be available on Sunday, they've gotta practice on Friday.  As of now, the signs point to him having a chance at playing.

Last week, Haley said Bowe wasn't even close to playing because of his hamstring injury.  These things, as Haley pointed out, have a tendency to linger throughout the season if not given the proper amount of rest. 

So, while the Chiefs may miss Bowe against the Giants, it would be wise for them to take all the precautionary measures necessary to ensure that he is ready to play.