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Chiefs Have Six Unrestricted Free Agents

Thanks to Adam Teicher at the Kansas City Star's Chiefs Blog for pointing out to us that the Chiefs are facing decision time with six unrestricted free agents.  Let's take a look at each of them.

DE Jason Babin


Age: 28

Drafted: 2004, 1st round (Texans)

I wouldn't necessarily mind Babin sticking around.  He's shown some ability since he signed with the Chiefs mid-way through the season.  Ideally, the pass rushing issue is addressed in the draft or free agency and Babin sticks around as a reserve.

LB Rocky Boiman


Age: 28

Drafted: 2002, 4th round (Titans)

Considering the play of the rest of our linebackers, Boiman was a slight surprise.  He was average in his playing time.  Like the pass rushing situation, the Chiefs will ideally address this position in the draft or free agency and Boiman sticks around as a reserve.

S Oliver Celestin


Age: 27

Drafted: Undrafted

Who?  Yeah, exactly.

OL Adrian Jones


Age: 27

Drafted: 2004, 4th round (Jets)

Another waiver wire guy.  He doesn't have a future with the Chiefs (unless Herm sticks around).

S Jon McGraw


Jon McGraw or the Royals' Zack Greinke?  You make the call.

Age: 29

Drafted: 2002, 2nd round (Jets)

McGraw's future may depend on Herm Edwards future.  While he's been a nice addition at times (considering his cost), he's not a staple of the defense.  However, he does play with intensity so I'd like to see him stick around.

LB Pat Thomas


Age: 25

Drafted: 2005, 6th round (Jaguars)

Thomas was a bust as a middle linebacker.  He represents more of the same for the Chiefs - below average performance.  Though he's familiar with the defense and relatively inexpensive as a MLB, he's not likely to stick around.

Because the Chiefs are so young they won't have too many problems retaining their free agents.  A player is a restricted free agent his first 6 years in the league so the Chiefs should be able to keep the guys they want for at least a couple years.

Who will stay and who will go?

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